SEAChange: Meditations on Sustainability

JUNE 15th – OCTOBER 31st

Highfield Hall & Gardens Museum announces the exhibition

SEAChange: Meditations on Sustainability, featuring over 100 works of art by four artists working in the encaustic medium.

The artists formed the Elemental Collective through which they engage in critical discourse and art practice addressing and raising awareness of current issues in society and the environment. Each artist makes use of organic forms and abstractions and is inspired by nature and its processes, such as earth altering heating, cooling, and pressure.

The exhibition is aimed at furthering the conversation on how to craft a new future; SEAChange presents a look at a future that is approaching a sea change that will immeasurably affect our way of life. Each artist focuses on elements of nature: biodiversity of plant species, soil health, environmental fragility, renewal and restoration, alternatives to plastics, ocean acidification, coral health, regeneration, and kelp reclamation. Elemental Collective employs art-based activism through the ancient medium of encaustic, using materials such as, oil, cold wax, silk, marble dust, metal leaf, and resin is an act of hope in the face of dark projections for the world.

SEAChange: Meditations in Sustainability features 107 works from monoprints to sculpture, filling galleries on the first and second floors of Highfield Hall.

β€œLet me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.” β€” Sioux Chief Yellow Lake, 1887

Elemental Artists: Debra Claffey, Patricia Gerkin, Donna Hamil Talman, Charyl Weissbach

Highfield Hall & Sculpture Gardens 56 Highfield Drive Falmouth, MA 02540 www.highfieldhall&

Snowball Project

This mini-slide presentation details how to participate, how to help  create the human effect of a snowball gathering force as it rolls downhill. Viewers are invited to text me, 508 254 6873, one or more new eco-pledge of their choosing.   The goal is to get 500 eco-pledges by the end of this summer.  On May 27th, 112 people have made 227 pledges.  Please help.  Because it matters.