Donna Hamil Talman

Donna Hamil Talman has, in recent years, been drawn to how we humans affect our planet,
especially the sea and how we have polluted our waters and sea creatures. Some of her series
highlight the problem, but more focus on potential solutions, particularly biological ones. Her
art includes paintings, monotypes, and installations. The Snowball Effect Project, which aims
to get more people to act to help the environment, is ongoing:
Her art has been exhibited in Art Basel (Miami), Venice (Italy), NYC, Houston, Seatle, Chicago,
and throughout New England. It is published in La Fotografa, The Book of Alternative Photo
Processes, Photographic Possibilities, Creative Vision, and is in numerous collections. Hamil
Talman’s background includes an M.A. from Clark University and several grants and
international residencies.

An Ocean Divided, encaustic, and ink monotype on Kozo and Mulberry paper, 9-12′ x 58”

Shimmer of Possibility, encaustic monotype on Kozo paper, 25″ x 18.5″

Earthy Alchemy 12, encaustic monotype, ink, pencil, oil pastel on Kitakata, 29″ x 21″