Donna Hamil Talman

Donna Hamil Talman’s expressionistic paintings and monotypes address the way life–of the land, sea or body– evolve, and is increasingly concerned with changes resulting from human interaction. Utilizing natural materials, Hamil Talman appreciates the way processes of encaustic mimic those in geology and make visible the passage of time.

Hamil Talman has had solo exhibitions in Venice (Italy), NYC, Houston, Seattle, Chicago, and Boston, and her art is published in La Fotografia (Barcelona), The Book of Alternative Photo Processes (Christopher James), Creative Vision (Jeremy Webb), and is in numerous collections. Hamil Talman earned her M.A. at Clark University and has done several international residencies and received multiple grants. Her work has been described in the Chicago Tribune: “…her nearly chaotic but gently poetic compositions resemble patterns on a rock face or an old wall.”