Experimenting with Encaustic Pours

I like to experiment. I think that may have been the single most compelling reason I felt called to art. Art gave me the chance to investigate things—colors, sizes, materials, shapes, spaces, and the interior forces that drive me.

I suppose I could take classes to learn all these techniques I experiment with, and probably learn much faster, but that would take all the fun out of discovering new things for myself. With these pours of molten wax, I am also working with randomness–which I prize–because of the randomness with which events in nature seem to occur. The pours, and the manipulation of the wax through use of a pencil torch, give me a feeling of watching a universe being born. Few experiences are more awe-inspiring.

I hope you will enjoy this little video of the encaustic pour. It adds another technique, another tool, to the creative toolbox.

Pat Gerkin